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Let us develop a digital marketing strategy for better search engine visibility and help you define your SEO (search engine optimization) goals. We create better conversion and increased visibility with eCommerce SEO plans.

In order to optimize visitor actions, conduct an analysis of the digital environment, content quality and competition.

  • We review your website build, server resources and all ranking data to plan a strategy for growth
  • We build the campaigns we run for SEO and marketing campaigns with compelling content that strengthens awareness of your business
  • We evaluate the properties of technical factors to ensure the provision of optimal online performance

The digital marketing expert will create and create a brand identity SEO strategy by merging technical and local SEO, Google my Business development, social media management, competitor analysis, keyword research.

Google best practices, basic web metrics and quality content

What is not SEO is the perception that it is possible to trick the search engine or use techniques to manipulate the results. SEO is precisely web design and the creation of web pages that are adapted for the web and for visitors. We increase the visibility of websites and make it easier for search engines to index them.

Get more people to click through your website.

In addition to all additional services, we offer the creation of a user base, overall analytics and configuration of the search console, all optimized for your website and activity.

Interested in the whole package?

Check your user pages for rankings and marketing strategies, research keywords, identify business content and target Google My Business optimization.

SEO agency

Our SEO program package includes ongoing maintenance, content creation and security of your website and associated online accounts. A fast, secure, well-built website is a ranking factor and we make sure all our websites take this into account.

  • I never thought web design could be this carefree! Together we created a site that not only looks amazing, but also increases our visibility online. This team is worth its weight in gold - work with them and you won't regret it!" 👌🌐
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  • Every time a technical problem arises, this team reacts in a flash. Our business has never been safer or faster online. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants peace of mind in the digital world!" - Marko
  • Since hiring a team to maintain our website, I sleep more soundly knowing that our online presence is in the best hands. The website works flawlessly and support is always just a click away. Thank you for being our digital guardian angel!" - Petra
  • From the very beginning of the collaboration to the final execution of our website, the team showed incredible dedication, creativity and expertise. Our new site not only looks beautiful, but also works flawlessly. I recommend them to anyone looking for a real digital masterpiece! 💻❤️
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    Zagreb Web Services were great for us - everything is in line with our ideas, we received support and understanding from the beginning to the publication of the website. We have had several site releases in the last 10 years and I can say that this is one of the best experiences. Thank you for working with such simplicity, affordability, cost effectiveness and a great experience.
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    I have to recommend Zagreb Web Services to everyone who needs web design and SEO optimized pages. They understand the needs very well and have a solution for everything. Furthermore, if you need a professional website, compliant with the law, which is found in search results through SEO, and which returns the investment through sales and conversions - you are in the right place.

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    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) FAQ

    Find out what problems your website needs to fix by performing technical analysis and page testing.

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    1What does an SEO marketing specialist do?
    A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist analyzes, reviews and makes changes to websites to optimize them for search engines. This means increasing organic site traffic by improving the site's search engine ranking.
    2How do I increase Google organic traffic?
    Determine your target keywords, get your on-page optimization perfect, develop your content strategy, attract high-quality links, track performance and continue to optimize your SEO.
    3How to measure SEO impact?
    The best indicator of website performance is CTR, or click through rate, which indicates how many times someone clicked on a link to your page in relation to the overall display of search results.
    4How long does SEO take?
    SEO results are changing and fluid on searches. The longer time passes, some positions may go high and some may go down. After 4-6 months you start to notice results. SEO can be done all the time with a content strategy so it all depends.
    5What are keywords?
    Keywords are one or more words that are a combination that users use in searches while browsing the Internet. In terms of SEO optimization, we place triggers or keywords on pages in relation to the entire topic, industry, activity, occupation.
    6How much should I pay for SEO?
    All of our websites have basic SEO and the potential for an even higher rank. Will you be in higher positions at Google? Ask us about SEO packages.
    1What is keyword optimization?
    Keyword optimization or keyword research is the analysis, search and selection of the best triggers for search results on your websites.
    2What is the difference between direct and organic traffic?
    A direct visitor may be a visitor who typed the entire address into the browser and did not use a search engine such as Google. Organic traffic is traffic from some other sources such as links on search engines and the like.
    3Why is SEO important in 2022?
    SEO trends for 2022 will focus more on creating content that meets search intent. When content creators focus on customers, content is created not only to rank in search engines, but also to provide value. Voice Search SEO will become even more important in 2022... The good news is that if you've adopted SEO best practices, your site is in good shape for voice search
    4What should be the organic traffic?
    According to research, traffic to the site is generated organically and on average amounts to 70% of all traffic.
    5What is the benefit of SEO for business sites?
    It leads to a better user experience, is a primary source of potential clients, brings more deals, higher conversion rates, encourages users to visit the physical store after searching, builds brand credibility, helps establish awareness of the company and services.
    6Is SEO important for small business users?
    SEO helps small business entrepreneurs create fast and user-friendly websites that perform better, which in turn helps bring more potential customers for services and products to their sites, ultimately increasing traffic for the entrepreneur.