Creating a website

Creating a website means that you understand that there is a digital space where there are flesh and blood people searching the Internet for information, services and products. Creating websites is a service that is most often done by professionals for their clients in order to shape your message to the end user.

Creating a website

The unknown about the known

  • Web design has its own standards and rules, and whoever wants to have a website must be prepared for monthly and annual costs,
  • When you let the "neighbor's kid" make a website for you, you will do poorly and soon have problems,
  • Websites built on a certain CMS system have monthly updates that can destroy the page if updates are done without checking, or the website can be damaged if updates are not done,
  • Often the cheapest in web design is not a good solution and you need to be careful who is doing the website because later it turns out that the website is simply not functional and that additional investments are needed,
  • Web maintenance shouldn't be expensive and can save you major web design headaches,
  • Unfortunately, so-called web designers know how to independently produce a problem whose solution requires additional payments and investments, a good relationship with a web designer who is honest and who works well is the basis for long-term cooperation,
  • No one can guarantee that your website will be the first on Google and those who sell you the first places on Google are mostly selling you fog,
  • Creating a website is only the first step in the entire promotion on the Internet and its full potential cannot be realized without investing in marketing.

How to make a website

How to make a website from the client's perspective? Contact a web designer and explain that you want a website that either sells products and services or represents you and your business to give a professional impression to clients. From the client's perspective it is good to provide the images you want to have on the website, maybe some text for the about us page or service descriptions. All a client needs to create a website is actually a certain budget for the website creation itself and for the monthly costs of keeping the website active.

Website costs

  • The cost of a web designer
  • The cost of writing the text
  • Cost of images per page
  • Cost of hosting on a monthly basis
  • Monthly maintenance cost

A good website has great hosting that doesn't have to be expensive for the average newly built website. Sites with good hosting usually have free SSL encryption and a certificate. Quality websites that have just been created with standard web pages about services, about us, contact form, home page, privacy policy and the like have SEO optimization and are quickly indexed by search engines.

how to make a website

A website with all content was created, the web designer published the page on the Internet, set up your emails and everything on hosting, and now what? Wondering where the results are? No results because the domain for your website is maybe two weeks old and what Google won't admit, your website is in a so-called "sandbox" where Google deliberately degrades the results until it starts to trust you. The question is how a new website can create authority so that searchers begin to trust it and rank it on the Internet. This story includes good web design and the creation of web pages, which, with its breadth of content and certain signals, lays the foundation for trust. It can happen that a page comes out of the sandbox after a year, but never becomes an authority, so they rank low in searches.

Website creation for free

               Creating a website for free is possible only when you try on your own using some web builders and platforms that provide the possibility to create a website, to place images and text and thus create a specific web presence.

Focus your efforts on creating quality social media profiles, collect likes and followers, definitely pay for the occasional social media ad or post promotion to reach more people. This way you create strong profiles and develop your business on social networks, it's almost free and when you have a website you will have half the work done in marketing for success.

Better to pay for the creation of a website with a professional web agency, and for free things, open profiles on social media and try to expand your reach there.

Free website

Free website

               A free website has certain disadvantages such as the complicated name of the address of that page, the branding of the platform on which you run the free website, the lack of professional design, charging for more advanced features and ultimately less ability to manage your own content.

Whether an agency or a web designer will create a free website for you, we highly doubt it. Maybe you find a friend who wants to make a website for you, but if it's about free things, everyone will refer you to free platforms where you will conclude after a month of effort that you need a complete solution.

Website examples

               Examples of websites are everywhere on the Internet, we would only categorize them as websites for selling products (web shop), website forum, website portal, business website, different websites according to purpose, purposes and design.

Creation of website prices

               Website creation costs range from 400 euros to ten thousand euros and more. Are you wondering why? The website is about a certain design, which is not only the choice of colors, but also a combination of technical functionality with various elements that the content goes to, and SEO is also done in the background. All this costs time and additional investments. Can the site be made for 200 euros, it is possible, but it will certainly not meet your needs, you will understand that later.

A good web design agency will never quote website prices, in fact, a web agency that has listed packages and website design prices will provide you with one of the worst services that is miles away from an individual approach that is just for you and your wishes.

Creating a web shop

Creating a web shop

               The creation of a web shop has its differences in relation to the creation of web pages, but it is slightly different from the creation of complex web pages. It is essential for the client to be able to quickly understand the interface for managing product sales and to be able to easily administer all sales steps. Fast loading and easy product refresh concerns the technical side of creating a web shop and is one of the signals for a higher ranking on Google.

Creating a web shop can take some time, but in order to be successful, you need to work on these pages every month. A web shop must have a combination of a good product, SEO optimization and the technical side of the website so that the sales increase month after month until you can thank that web sales for the sustainability and growth of the business.

The unknown about the known when creating a website but also when creating a web shop is the case when you hire a large agency to create your website, the case will be that apart from charging you an incredibly large amount of money, you will feel special! If you read it right, most often clients run into larger agencies that, in order to justify the incredibly large amount of money for creating websites, have a whole team jumping around you and giving you the impression that you and your business are special and worth the most in the world. Tactics to squeeze money out of clients who can afford it in web design are well known and still have their clientele.

Web hosting Croatia

               You can find web hosting Croatia for reasonable money, but not all of them are good enough for that price. If you ask us for a hosting recommendation, we will give you a recommendation for Croatian hosting as well as German, which is often resold as Croatian in Croatia. The distance between Frankfurt and the cities in Croatia in terms of the Internet is extremely small and it is about milliseconds where the hosting located in Frankfurt is often faster than those in Croatia. The only difference that can be decisive is our customer support, which we can trust more.

Web page

               A web page is a web page like a sheet on a web site. The web page refers to the entire web headquarters as well as to landing pages which are specially made for visitors who come directly to such a page and not to the home page.

Web page

                              What is a website? A logical unit of text, graphics and images that are arranged in the code used to design web pages. What is the most important thing about websites? Well, a set of everything, web design, technical side, hosting, content and mobile views.

This is not a rule or 100% for sure, but websites that have about 30 pages on the website more often become an authority for the activity listed on them, so Google favors them more and gives them better results.

Website promotion is not a myth but a serious activity in increasing traffic. You can't just say "I want a website" and end the story there. In fact, you can say that, but then you have locked up digital potential, clients, business expansion opportunities, and the like.

Web page elements

The only case when you do not need website promotion is the case when you do not depend on clients finding you on the Internet and you only care about the website looking nice for those clients and parties who, after contacting you, looked for you "on the Internet" only so much so that they confirm the credibility of the business and professionalism.

Web page elements

                              Web page elements are parts of the web page that make up the skeleton or structure of the web design. Modern websites have a header that includes a logo, a menu, maybe a search box, and often social network icons. The header of the website quite often has the possibility of being "sticky", which means that the header descends as you go further down the page. Web page elements are also called navigation with links to all pages, central content, and a sidebar that in modern web designs descends while you read the main content on desktop computers. The footer or the end of the web page is the element at the very end of the page and is called the footer. Other elements include patterns, various typography and social media connectivity and sharing capabilities.

What is ultimately important for the client? From the perspective of a person who wants to create a website, they want a "WOW" effect that does not have to be related to the home page and some sliders, but concerns the general impression of the complete site.

Layout of the website

For those who know roughly what they want, the appearance of the website is not decisive. Like this, there is a very nice design page with the so-called jinđa minđa, and there is a page that has less design, maybe less content, has some standard typography and font, but is in better positions on Google. What's this all about? Simply, a page with more design has more requirements, more resources, more code and loads slower, while another page with less code, has a bloat free theme and fewer things that slow down loading, so Google prefers it.

The right page has the optimal combination of design, code size and load-blocking stuff, is pleasing to the eye and gives the impression of a modern website. Its hosting does not cost much, in fact the price is often minimal and with a cache system on a CMS such as wordpress, it achieves excellent search results.

Various activities have certain elements that can only be found in these activities, such as colors, icons and sharp or rounded edges on elements, but this is not mandatory and it is always possible for every activity and industry to create a creative website bursting with design.

Creation of web pages

                              Creation of web pages after the web site is finished and after the website is published on the client's hosting, it includes the continuation of content creation, which is most often achieved by blog posts or the creation of landing pages.

Arrange monthly website maintenance with the service of writing content and creating landing pages. In this way, usually for smaller monthly investments between 30 and 50 euros, you can get technical maintenance of the website and constant building of content, because if you didn't know, it is not possible to put all the keywords and variations of keywords related to your services on a couple of pages. So what do we do to reach more clients? We do more content with different keywords.

Website structure

                              The structure of web pages is found in the answer about web page elements. The question is what does the client look at and what does the person who wants to create a website want to see on the website? In addition to the mentioned WOW effect, a person interested in creating websites in the body and main content wants to see the story. A story through a website means in some way a connection in design and colors between sections of content. In addition to animations, the form of images or various graphic elements are used to divide rows and columns.

The best websites

The best websites are hosted on relatively cheap web hosting compared to high-end solutions and are therefore available to micro and small businesses of one to 10 employees who do not want to think about a monthly or annual hosting bill. The best websites they have enough design to give a WOW effect and are small enough for faster loading speed. As part of maintenance, they have an excellent cache system and regular updates.

It's easy to make websites when you don't depend on the size of the investment neither on the technical side nor on the design side, but it's more complicated when you depend on the smallest possible initial investment and later expenses, a good web designer will advise the best possible thing and will find cheaper and useful solutions in order to fulfilled the request.

Creating a website in notepad

                              We put this title for order because it concerns the whole topic on this website. If you are interested in creating a website in notepad, you are probably a minor researching the topic web design and creation of web pages. While it is technically possible to create a website in notepad, it would be a website that has almost no web design and functionality, on the other hand, it would be the fastest loading website on the Internet because it has no additional code and is not heavy. While it is cool to create a website in notepad, it is not possible to use it in a professional business environment and is only for educational purposes.

Creating a price newsletter

The cost of creating a newsletter is approximately one working hour of a web designer, which is around 33 euros. In general, the prices of creating a newsletter can range from several hundred to several thousand euros, depending on the complexity of the project and specific requirements. For Croatian circumstances, this can be too big an investment, and it is good to talk to your agency about what can be done with the greatest savings.

We advise you to find out on your own how to do emails for the newsletter, it will usually take you an hour to master the tutorial from YouTube. If you already have hundreds of email addresses to which you can send a promotion or send it yourself, master it through a newsletter service or refer that part of the work to an employee with a small compensation, it will be worth it!

Web design

Web design depends primarily on achieving the goal of the website. If you want a high or top website ranking for popular general keywords then you want a site with the least amount of web design and as little code as possible.

If you want modern and attractive websites, you will sacrifice loading speed and the highest ranking on Google, and you will get a functional web design that turns visitors into customers and ranks relatively well.

The web design extends through all the elements of the website and together with all the functionalities forms a pancake in which all the ingredients are with cohesion and connective tissue. Impressive means that the visitor does not wonder "WOW, what design" but that the user concludes "wow, this brand is good".


Wordpress is a free CMS content management system used by professionals and non-professionals alike to create websites. WordPress used by popular brands such as: Sony music, Playstation blog, Time magazine, CNN press room, Microsoft News, Vogue, Angry Birds, The New York Times Company, Mozilla Blog, The White House and others.

With wordpress you have an official login to the admin interface where you can edit pages and posts and add various functionalities.

Wordpress needs to be updated monthly and is therefore more expensive to maintain than static websites.

A final thought

Conveying and shaping your message to your target audience can be helped by a professional website designer. Creating a website means creating a presence in the digital space to reach real people who use the Internet to find information, services and products.